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Shih Poo Puppies For Sale




Shih-Poo Puppies For Sale Online:

Shih-Poo puppies for sale online. Shih-poos are small, fluffy dogs that have extra-friendly personalities. One breed of parent that is called the Shih Tzu is a faithful and loving lap dog. The other breed, a Poodle, is extremely clever and enjoys being the center of attention. It’s the shh-poo (or “Shih poo”) who is a sociable and lively puppy with exceptional character traits. No matter if he’s a pet for family or a senior companion the dog is a winner in his job.

Shih Tzus and toy Poodles are both well-known breeds of dogs that have a long and rich history Shih-poos are a new breed. They’ve been around only for a couple of decades, but are now beginning to establish a name for their own. Full-grown Shih-poos may be tiny (as small as 7 pounds) or can weigh as much as 20 pounds. They may sport curly coats similar to their poodle parents or a more straight coat, which they inherited from the Shih-Tzu side of their family.

Shih-Poo Puppy:

“Shih-poos are lively, active, and animated dogs with a sense of humor,” says Liz Randall, CPDT-KA, the CEO, and private owner of Dogs Abound. “They are intelligent and playful and are great companions for an active home that will include their dog at the center of much of their activities.”

Shih-poos can be adapted to smaller living spaces (they’re perfectly content in apartments) and, as they shed very small amounts, they can be a dog that is allergy-friendly and generally regarded as hypoallergenic. Shih-poos do require lots of grooming, so be sure you’ve got space (and budget) to invest in their grooming routines.

The Appearance of Poo Shih Puppies:

Because Shih-poos come from cross breeds There’s no breed-specific norm that defines how the Shih-poos ought to appear. In an e-book, they’re adorable. A Shih-poo is the focal point and should not be left to himself for extended periods of time. He’s most comfortable with a pet owner who is someone who is at home or who can go with him on outings or out on adventures.


Shih-poo pups, even from identical litters, can appear completely different. In the case of hybrid dogs like these teddy bear-like Shih-poos, it’s all down to the traits of each parent that are dominant. Some Shih-poos might appear more like poodles by sporting a curly and short coat, while others could have the straight, silky, and luxurious fur often associated with Shih-Tzus. Yet, other Shih-poos could have a coat that’s quasi-curly and semi-silky.

The coat color could be a wild card too. Common colors include brown, black, white brindle, gray red, or apricot, and that’s just not including the many possible color combinations.


Niccole Bruno DVM Chief of Staff at Companion Animal Hospital in Spring, Texas, has a Shih-poo named Jimmy the rescue dog that works every day with her. (Shih-poos are incredibly fond of being the shadow of yours!) Although dogs are different generally speaking, Shih-poos are generally calm, friendly dogs.

“Jimmy would probably greet a robber,” Bruno affirms. Their motto of his is “If you give me some attention, I’m going to love you.”

Left: Whatever you’d like to accomplish, the dog will be eager to participate as well. They love being the center of attention and will be there on walks, to movies on the couch. | CREDIT: KEITH GETTER / GETTY

Right: You don’t know what your dog will appear like. Some may closely resemble their Shih Tzu parents and others may be more influenced by their Poodle genes. Others may look like a split 50-50, with curly, smooshed faces. fur. | CREDIT: MARY SWIFT / GETTY


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