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  • Breed: Maltipoo
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Medium
  • Location: FredericksburgOH 44627

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Cavapoo Puppies For Sale:

The Cavapoo is an all-breed dogit is a cross between and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle breeds of dogs. Friendly, outgoing and curious, these dogs get some of the best characteristics from both their parents.

Cavapoos are know by a variety of names, like Cavadoodle as well as Cavoodle. Despite their shady status as an exclusive breed there are many hybrid dogs at rescue and shelters So, remember to adopt! Don’t shop!


The adorable dogs make great pet for families. Since they’re very social and love being the center of the attention of. While they’re able to be successful in smaller environments but they are most at home in the “pack” environment. If you are looking for a faithful and playful dog that loves running around with you or cuddling on the couch then the Cavapoo Price  could be the pet that you’re looking for!

  • It is the Cavapoo is a mixed breed dog. They aren’t purebreds as those of their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle parents.
  • Cavapoo coats come in various colors, such as chocolate, cream, fawn gold, chestnut and white. They may also appear as solid shades, however typically they are white and chestnut. Or they could be tri-color.
  • Cavapoos generally have soft, short, and curly or wavy coats. They require regular brushing, however, they are less likely to shed this is why certain allergy sufferers are able to cope with their coats.
  • The Cavapoo loves all members of the family and is generally happy playing with children. But, they’re tiny and could be injured when children play rough. Children should be always in a safe environment by dogs and taught what to do to be safe.

It is believe that the Cavapoo dog breed could have been a natural breed throughout many years. But breeders from Australia began deliberately mix Cavalier Poodles with King Charles Spaniels as well as Poodles in the mid 1990s.

Breeders sought to blend the calm and outgoing temperament in this breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the intelligence of Poodles. Because Poodles shed less frequently, they were chosen to create a mix breed that could be used by allergy sufferers. Breeders continued to develop Cavapoo Near Me because demand for mixed breed pups increased.

Although it is true that the Cavapoo mixed breed received its beginnings as a breed for designers, many have been rescued from shelters or under the supervision of rescue organizations. You might consider adopting if you think that this breed is for you.

Visit for shelters in your area, or look for rescues for Cavapoo or search for specific breed Cavalier King Charles Poodle or Spaniel rescues since they may take mixed breed dogs and will find homes for them.


Since the Cavapoo is a breed that is relatively new and there aren’t many rules regarding size. As an amalgamation of Cavalier with King Charles Spaniel parents it is possible for Cavapoos to range from small to medium dependent on their size. parent dog.

The majority weigh between around 9-25 pounds. They can range from 9 to 14 inches when measured at the shoulder. But, some may be smaller or bigger.


Cavapoos are becoming popular due to their friendly and charming personality. They’re popular with families because of their playful, outgoing and loving nature. However that the Cavapoo is not a breed who is tolerant of being left alone frequently, and could be prone to anxiousness when they are separated If they’re not well-socialized, and properly trained.

The Cavapoo is a smart breed and loves to be praised and appreciation. This is what makes Cavapoos relatively easy to train since they are incredibly friendly. Cavapoos are athletic as well making them excellent in agility and obedience contests.

Since they are connect to their hips. It is crucial to get your Cavapoo Puppies Near Me early. So that they are aware of when to go on their own. If you don’t train them properly the Cavapoo may develop destructive behaviors, like chewing shoes and furniture or digging into the trash, if they’re left to their own devices.


Cavapoos are bred for companionship. Cavapoo breed has a predisposition to several similar conditions as canine breeds like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Poodle are also susceptible to. Although the majority of Cavapoo Puppies For Sale Near Me are healthy, some could be vulnerable to a few ailments and that’s the reason it’s important to ensure good health and routine veterinary checks.

The most frequent health issues that Cavapoos are afflicte with are:
  • Congenital heart attacks
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Slipping kneecaps

Like any dog it is important to be sure to keep track of your Cavapoo For Sale regular vet checkups in order to identify any health issues in the early stages. Your veterinarian can assist you to establish a treatment plan to keep your dog in good health.

Cavapoo Puppies tend to be incline to gain weight, and they may also have heart problems in the event that they are not maintaining an ideal weight. Be sure that your dog is getting at minimum a good half-houror hour-long stroll each day. Include a couple of enjoyable, active play sessions as well as shorter walks.

Make sure to check their ears for any debris and pests every day Clean them according to the schedule advised by your veterinarian. Cut the nails of your dog before they become too long, usually at least once or twice a month. The nails should not be making loud noises against the floor. Your groomer can help you with this.

It is recommend to brush your dog’s teeth regularly, since small breeds are more susceptible to dental problems. Your veterinarian will instruct the proper way to clean your dog’s teeth in a proper manner.


The ideal Cavapoo diet is best suit for a small-to medium-sized dog with an energy level that is high.

They are prone to gain weight when overfed which is why you should adhere to a strict diet and don’t leave food in the kitchen throughout the time of the day. Beware of the amount of treats they consume and also.

Like all breeds, Cavapoo’s diet requirements will vary as they grow older. As well as, continue to alter through their later years. Ask your vet to provide recommendations regarding the diet of your Cavapoo Puppies For Sale as there is too much variation between individual dogs, including the amount of energy, weight and overall health to make a definitive decision.


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