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Breed: Maltipoo
Sex: Female
Size: Standard
Location: MillersburgOH 44654

Check out this Gorgeous Maltipoo Puppy that will melt your heart with it’s cuteness and sweet loving temperament! If you’re looking for a best friend or the perfect Puppy to complete your family we would love to hear from you! I’m up to date on shots, and dewormed to keep me in tip-top health, I’m also vet checked, and Micro Chipped.


Cavachon Puppies For Sale:

Do you want a puppy that isn’t too big, who loves to play and has human companionship? Check out our Cavachon puppies on sale if this is what you’re looking for in a dog. The Cavachon crossbreed is a cross between the Cavalier Kings Charles Spanieland the Bichon Frere. It combines the best traits of both breeds. It inherits intelligence and playfulness from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. this is brings joy and companionship from the Bichon Frise.

Cavachons, with their small size and lower allergen levels are a great fit for owners with allergies or smaller homes.

Your home should be ready to receive a Cavachon puppy if you are looking for a dog who loves play, companionship, and lots of joy. Are you looking for another breed of puppy? You can find all of our puppies for purchase.


Cavachon Poodle is an extremely new breed. Although it has been mix before, 1996 was the first time that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crossed with the Bichon Frise.

The original purpose of crossbreeding was to create a companion dog that is low in allergens. However, the breed has grown in popularity over the past several decades as a family pet.


Cavachons can expect to live for an average of 10 years.


Due to the fact that Cavachon dogs come from different crossbreeds, grooming is different for each one. Some Cavachons have shorter hair and finer hair than others, such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Others have a longer and curlier coat like the Bichon Frise.

Cavachon dogs generally have a curly, wave-like coat. The coat should be brushed several times per week and should also be trimmed once a year, or as often as necessary.

Cavachons don’t need to be bathed often due to the oil in their skin or coat.


Happy: Cavachons bring joy and happiness into your home. Cavachon Puppies Near Me For Sale are a happy breed because of their love for people and affectionate nature.

Affectionate: The Cavachon breed is well-known for their affection and companionship towards humans. They enjoy spending time with their owners whether they are active or in the same place.

Social: Cavachon For Sale Near Me love to spend time with people and other dogs and animals. Although they aren’t aggressive towards strangers, they will alert their owners to strange sounds or visitors.

Playful: While Cavachons are not an active breed, they love to play and need to get enough exercise to burn off their energy. Although they can be train to work well in smaller apartments and condos, daily outdoor activity is recommend.

Excellent with children: Cavachon Puppies Price are great with kids. They love to interact with humans and play well with them. Cavachons are small and playful, making them great playmates for children. Because of their small size, it is important to teach children how Cavachons should be play with.


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